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Papers in Progress:

Co-authored with Eric Mandelbaum:

"Belief: Dumb, Cold, & Cynical" (winner of an essay prize on the nature of belief organized by Eric Schwitzgebel, to appear in an edited collection of papers)

Single Authored:

“Some Evidence for Languages of Thought in Chimpanzees, Olive Baboons, and an

African Grey Parrot” 

“Symbolic Representation in Arthropods”

“Multi-Stability as a Mark of the Mental”

“Maps, Icons, and Vectors in a Language of Thought”

“There Are No Holes in Conscious Vision”

Co-authored with Eric Mandelbaum, Ryan Tracy, & Steve Young:

“Spinoza’s Return: Fluency Does Not Explain Illusory Truth” (first author, under review)

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